Yes, I’ve just arrived here from the 90’s and am keeping a link roll, now I’m off to Blockbuster to rent some VHS and see how Seinfeld ended. Seriously though there’s a lot of informal writing going on in genetics but it is often scattered. This list is as much for me to keep track as for the public good. Please email any additional links you feel are relevant. The list is not an endorsement, is ordered alphabetically, and classified in the traditional style.

Population genetics

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Daniel Falush
Graham Coop
Iain Mathieson
Razib Khan

Et cetera

Giulio Genovese: Genetics and hacking.
Haldane’s Sieve: Selected pre-prints.
Joe Pickrell: Genetics, scientific culture, and post-pub reviews.
Lior Pachter: Math, scientific culture, computational biology, and post-pub reviews.
Matthew Stephens: Math and stats.
Melissa Gymrek: Methods and post-pub reviews.
Neil Lawrence: Machine learning and scientific culture.
Nick Eriksson: Scientific culture and hacking.
Rasmus Nielsen: Popgen and scientific culture.
Robert Plenge: Clinical genetics.